Freshwater Ecology & Nature Conservation

Freshwater Ecology & Nature Conservation

  • Selection and management of protected areas.
  • Protected habitats and species.
  • Habitat restoration.
  • Natural resource management.
  • Monitoring and reporting assessment.
  • Impact of climate change and biodiversity loss.


In 2024, Catherine was co-opted as a trustee of the North Wales Wildlife Trust.

Contributor to Spray, C. et al., (2021). Chapter 6 Freshwater Systems – Nature-based solutions for climate change in the UK. British Ecological Society.

Report Steering Group Member: Addy, S., S. Cooksley, N. Dodd, K. Waylen, J. Stockan, A. Byg & K. Holstead (2016). River Restoration and Biodiversity: Nature-based solutions for restoring rivers in the UK and Republic of Ireland. 

Invited Contributor to UK National Ecosystem Assessment Technical Report (2011), UNEP-WCMC, Cambridge:
– Maltby, E. et al. Chapter 9. Freshwaters – Openwaters, Wetlands and Floodplains. 295-360p.
– Russell, S. et al. Chapter 20. Status and Changes in the UK’s Ecosystems and their Services to Society: Wales. 979-1043p.

Williams, D. D. & C. Duigan (eds; 2009). The Rivers of Wales – A Natural Resource of International and Historical Significance. Backhuys/Margraf.

Higgins, J. & C. Duigan (2009). Chapter 4. So much to do, so little time: identifying priorities for freshwater biodiversity conservation in the USA and Britain. 61-90p. In: Assessing the Conservation Value of Fresh Waters, Cambridge University Press.

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