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Catherine is a contributor to Nation Cymru – a news service for the people of Wales, by the people of Wales: A letter from Tipperary; A letter from Benllech; A letter from Slate Valley, New York; A letter from South Stack.

Catherine has a particular interest in early women in science in Wales.  Currently she is producing articles on botanist Eleanor Vachell and she is also writing the biography of Dr. Kathleen Carpenter, a pioneering freshwater ecologist at Aberystwyth University – in association with Anglesey History.

Duigan, C. (2024). Voice from the Women’s Peace Appeal: Kathleen Carpenter (1891-1970)

Duigan, C. (2023). Infinite beauty, infinite destruction, Infinite consequences: rivers and mining around Aberystwyth.  Nation Cymru.

Duigan, C. & S. Whyman (2022). Eleanor Vachell, Botanist and Civic Leader in Wales. Natur Cymru, 66: 36-39. 

Dictionary of Welsh Biography Contributions: Carpenter, Kathleen Edithe (1891-1970), ecologist; Howe, Elizabeth Anne (1959-2019), ecologist. 

Duigan, C. (2022).  Scientist renamed by war – for International Women’s Day.  #BreakTheBias. Women Archive Wales. 

Duigan, C. (2019). Carpenter’s Food Relationships 1925 – The First British Freshwater Food Web. Archives of Natural History, 46(1): 160-163.

Duigan, C.  (2018) Who was….Kathleen Carpenter? The Biologist, 65(3): 22-25.

Catherine is using her twitter account (@c_duigan) to highlight links between Ireland and Wales using “A shared heritage -…”

Recent stories for Ports, Past and Present: Standing on the Platform – Holyhead and The Anglo-Irish Treaty (2021); Drama on the Irish Sea (2022); Caergybi’s Unique Hospitality for Countess Markievicz (2022). 

On-line art curation: For Environment Platform Wales – Resilience in the Welsh Uplands – an artistic perspective (2020); Pandemic Creativity – The Sea, The Irish Sea ; Clean Air Day 2020.

Weather Extremes Guest Blog: Duigan, C. & S. Davies (2015). Waltzing on Water.

Special Issues: The past, present and future of Llangorse Lake (1999), Part 1 & Part 2, Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems.

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