Rivers of Wales

A Natural Resource of International
and Historical Significance.
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Table of Contents

Preface. Brian Moss

Chapter 1. Introduction - Dudley Williams & Catherine Duigan

Chapter 2. Rivers in the Welsh physical and cultural landscape - Catherine Duigan

Chapter 3. River dynamics and environmental change in Wales - Paul Brewer, Eric Johnstone & Mark Macklin

Chapter 4. Habitats of Welsh river floodplains - Peter Jones, David Stevens, Jim Latham & Catherine Duigan

Chapter 5. Life in Welsh rivers: Micro-organisms - Maurice Lock

Chapter 6. Life in Welsh rivers: Plants - Tristan Hatton-Ellis, Tim Blackstock & Alan Orange

Chapter 7. Life in Welsh rivers: Invertebrates - John Gee & Adrian Fowles

Chapter 8. Life in Welsh rivers: Fishes - Michael Evans, Nigel Milner & Miran Aprahamian

Chapter 9. Life in Welsh rivers: Other vertebrate life - Roger Lovegrove, Rob Strachan, Andy Crawford, Stephanie Tyler, Liz Halliwell & Fred Slater

Chapter 10. Welsh rivers and their role in the development of running water science - Dudley Williams

Chapter 11. Pollution effects on Welsh rivers: A damaged past, an uncertain future? - Steve Ormerod & Ingrid Jüttner

Chapter 12. Welsh rivers under threat: Physical factors - Michael Dobson, Marc Naura & Malcolm McElhone

Chapter 13. Welsh river rehabilitation - Nigel Holmes & Peter Gough

Chapter 14. River conservation in Wales: A synthesis - Catherine Duigan, Tristan Hatton-Ellis, Jim Latham, Stewart Campbell & Bob Mathews

Chapter 15.The rivers of Wales: Retrospect and prospect - Noel Hynes



DID YOU KNOW? The bullhead is one of the smallest fish species in Wales, with a maximum length of 7-8 cm.  This elusive and spiky fish can make a “knocking” sound to attract females and protect spawning territories.

Created February 2010