Rivers of Wales

A Natural Resource of International
and Historical Significance.
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"Surprisingly, it seems, this is the first book that sets out to gather together all of the information available on the scientific study and conservation of running-water habitats in Wales and to communicate it to a wider audience beyond just freshwater scientists. However, The Rivers of Wales is not just a descriptive account of the biological and physical character of Welsh rivers; an underlying theme throughout the book is that there always has been and always will be a strong link between water resources and the development of Welsh society....

The relevance of this book goes well beyond the borders of Wales and it could just as rightly be regarded as a text book in lotic science with a profound sense of place, as it can a book about Welsh rivers. There is an urgent need to inspire a new generation of freshwater scientists and I am sure that in years to come young freshwater scientists will cite this book as their inspiration. "

David Bradley, FBA News.

"This is not a textbook of freshwater biology, although it includes detail and example which is valuable to freshwater ecologists. Nor is it just a celebration of Welsh rivers. It is a combination of good science with enthusiasm and celebration, which makes it an enjoyable and thought-provoking read.....

This is a book which I have enjoyed and shall keep and refer to attractive and interesting read. "

Mark Young, Bulletin of the British Ecological Society, December 2009.

DID YOU KNOW? A freshwater pearl from the River Conwy was given to the Queen of Charles II, Catherine of Braganza, and today it can be found in the Royal Crown.

Created February 2010